About the Journal

Business excellence relies heavily on the type of strategies, techniques and tools for measuring and benchmarking the business performance. Subsequently, identifying best practices and their implementation eventually decides excellence in business. Given the importance of business excellence, a journal devoted to performance evaluation and best practices both processes and results, especially in order to be competitive in the global market, is essential. International Journal of Organizational Business Excellence (IJOBEX) addresses new developments in business excellence and best practices, and methodologies to determine these in both manufacturing and service organisations.

IJOBEX focuses on organizational performance with particular areas as the scope—strategic planning, human resource, communication and management that result in improving organizational. Organizational performance excellence is essentially required to improve values to customers and stakeholders that contribute to organizational sustainability, and to develop organizational effectiveness.

The scope of this journal includes, but not limited to:

  1. Leadership for performance excellence
  2. Strategic Planning for performance excellence
  3. Customer and market focus for performance excellence
  4. Information, measurement, knowledge management, and information technology for performance excellence
  5. Human Resource for performance excellence
  6. Operational Focus for performance excellence
  7. Communication for performance excellence
  8. Performance measures and metrics in business management
  9. Methodologies and tools for performance measurement
  10. Benchmarking business performance
  11. Business excellence in various functional areas
  12. Best practices in business management
  13. World class business and operational strategies and techniques
  14. Alignment between different levels of strategies
  15. Understanding the customer requirements
  16. Process design management
  17. Knowledge management for improved performance
  18. Systems approach for determining the best practices
  19. Six-Sigma, QFD, Taguchi methods and TQM
  20. Data warehousing and data mining in business excellence
  21. Measuring performance in creative industries
  22. Best practices in creative economy and industries

All of the topics above are considered to have essential involvement in developing organizational performance excellence.