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JAS (Journal of ASEAN Studies)

  • P-ISSN: 2338-1361
  • E-ISSN: 2338-1353
  • National Accreditation: SINTA 2, Based on Decree of the Director General of Strengthening for Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education No. 30/E/KPT/2018 on the Accreditation Rankings of Scientific Journals Batch II 2018


JAS (Journal of ASEAN Studies) is an international peer-reviewed bi-annual journal focusing on the past, current, and future issues relevant to ASEAN and its member countries. As a region located strategically at the heart of Asia, the center of the 21st century International Relations, regionalism in Southeast Asia is among the most dynamic and is shaped by the complex interaction of domestic politics of each individual countries and external forces from major powers.


Along with this context, JAS invites scholars from various background to submit their manuscripts on ASEAN regionalism, international relations in Southeast Asia, the socio cultural and political economy of each member states as well as greater regional or international dyamics which have regional impacts in Southeast Asia. Selected articles will be published every august and December.

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Journal of Applied Finance and Accounting

Journal of Applied Finance and Accounting (JAFA) showcases useful theoretical and methodological results with the support of interesting empirical applications in the area of Finance and Accounting. Purely theoretical and methodological research with the potential for important applications is also published. Articles in the journal may examine significant research questions from a broad range of perspectives including economics, sustainability, organizational studies and other theories related to accounting and finance phenomena.

JAFA is essential reading for academics, graduate students and all those interested in research in accounting and finance. The journal is also widely read by practitioners in accounting, corporate finance, investments and banking.

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Journal of Business Strategy and Execution

Journal of Business Strategy & Execution (JBSE) publishes articles with a practical focus designed to help readers develop successful business strategies and their executions. Articles should contain innovative ways in managing businesses. Articles in the journal examine significant research questions from a broad range of business disciplines such as Marketing, Operation, Production, and Human Resources. Some perspectives that involve Economics, Information Technology and Accounting that contribute to business phenomena might also be examined. The depth and the variety of the articles in the journal enrich readers and are unlikely to find in other single business publications.

If you are a business professionals, entrepreneurs, students, or academicians, you will find worthwhile reading in JBSE and be able to apply what you've read about to real situations that affect profitability and performance.

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