Vol 10, No 2 (2016)

Lingua Cultura Vol. 10 No. 2

Table of Contents




The Effectiveness of Collaborative Writing Strategy (CWS) in Writing Lesson Regarded to The Students’ Creativity PDF
Kiky Soraya 63-67
Interface of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture in Translating Singapore and Sri Lanka Postcolonial Poetry PDF
Novita Dewi 69-75
Language as a Socio-Cultural Semiotic: A Case Study on the Fiction Text PDF
Ade Yolanda Latjuba 77-81
Setting Sight on Role Playing: To Accommodate or to Repudiate? PDF
Ika Apriani Fata 83-88
Verbal Communication Culture and Local Wisdom: The Value Civilization of Indonesia Nation PDF
Tina Kartika 89-93
Personal and Communal Assumptions to Determine Pragmatic Meanings of Phatic Functions PDF
Kunjana Rahardi 95-98
The Effectiveness of Letters Card Media in Writing Lontara’ Alphabet Makassar at SMP Negeri 1 Pallangga in Gowa District PDF
Hamriani Hamriani, Idawati Garim, Usman . 99-103
Boosting in English and Indonesian Research Articles: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Study PDF
I Nyoman Suka Sanjaya 105-110
Intasc Standard Cores: Raising Students’ English Modality Competence PDF
Muliani Muliani 111-115
Trends in Naming System on Javanese Society: A Shift From Javanese to Arabic PDF
Eric Kunto Aribowo, Nanik Herawati 117-122

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