How gaming, artificial intelligence and big data is changing education

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Teo Peihan Janine


With 263 million children and youth out of school, there is a need for a highly scalable way to provide quality education to the underprivileged. Solve Education!(SE!)’s solution is combining an addictive game with the “Learning-by-Doing” Principle. Leveraging artificial intelligence and big data analysis, SE! explores the possibility of combining multi-user online strategy games with casual puzzle games to increase user retention rates, and in the process educating the users effectively over a longer period of time.

Game mechanics are used to increase user retention by boosting motivation, while big data analysis allows SE! to understand the users’ in-game behavior and how they learn best. Artificial intelligence helps to deliver the right content to the user at the right time, optimizing the learning process, and enabling in-game adaption to the users’ learning needs 


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