Face Mask Detection Using Multi Kernel Support Vector Machine


  • Muhammad Athoillah Universitas PGRI Adi Buana
  • Evita Purnaningrum
  • Rani Kurnia Putri


Coronavirus, Classification, Face Mask, Multi Kernel, Support Vector Machine


Abstract—Coronavirus pandemic has faced humankind for over a year and it looks like it won't be ending anytime soon. Indonesia is one of the countries most affected by this pandemic with millions confirm cases hence the government paly rules to increase strict procedures of using face mask in public area. For this reason, the detection of people wearing a face mask in the public area is needed. Automatically face mask detection is a part of classification problem, thus Support Vector Machine (SVM) can be implemented. This study was aims to build an automatically face mask detector using multi kernel support vector machine. The proposed method was applied by combined various kernels into a one kernel equation. The result presented that the proposed method provided good performances proved by average of value of sensitivity was 83,67, specificity was 82,40%, precision was 82,00%, accuracy was 82,93%, and F-1 Score was 82,77%, better than any other experiment using single kernel SVM tried with same process and dataset.



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