The Translation of Indonesian Cultural Lexicons in the Novel Saman


  • Evert H. Hilman English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Letters, Nasional University Jln. Sawo Manila No. 61, Pejaten, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12520



Indonesian cultural lexicons, translation, cultural words


Article was aimed to explore and identity the manners used by the translator in translating the Indonesian cultural lexicon in the novel Saman into English, and to find out which manners that contained the least semantic shifts concerning the problems of meaning related to cultural differences. Method applied was descriptive qualitative research by collecting and analyzing both the Indonesian and English versions of the novel. The samples were classified by Newmark four categories: loan words, cultural equivalent, functional equivalent, and addition. It can be concluded that there are only seven manners found from the collected data but only four manners used in the analysis, they are loan word, cultural equivalent, functional equivalent, and addition.

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