Gambaran Proses Putus Cinta pada Wanita Dewasa Muda di Jakarta: Sebuah Studi Kasus


  • Pingkan C. B. Rumondor Bina Nusantara University



relationship dissolution, relationship breakup, young adult


The end of an intimate relationship is a common incident in pre-marital young adult relationship. Hence, there are only a few literatures that explain this phenomenon. Therefore, this article is made to explain the definition, effect, individual differences and theoretical model explaining relationship dissolution, especially in young adult woman ini Indonesia. Theoretical review is used to analyze one case of young adult woman in Jakarta seeking for professional help in a Psychology Clinic. Method used to analyze data is qualitative, phenomenology with  Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) technique. Data are gathered with semi structured, open-ended and non-directive questions. The result of this study is the respondent going through the process of "making-confiding account" and griefing process with the passing of counseling. Theoretical understanding of the implications of the breakup on the practice of clinical psychology will also be addressed in the discussion.



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