Pengembangan Algoritma Fast Inversion dalam Membentuk Inverted File untuk Text Retrieval dengan Data Skala Besar


  • Derwin Suhartono Bina Nusantara University



efficient search, inverted file, Fast Inversion algorithm


The rapid development of information systems generates new needs for indexing and retrieval of various kinds of media. The need for documents in the form of multimedia is increasing currently. Thus, the need to store or retrieve now becomes a primary problem. The multimedia type commonly used is text types, as widely seen as the main option in the search engines like Yahoo, Google or others. Essentially, search does not just want to get results, but also a more efficient process. For the purposes of indexing and retrieval, inverted file is used to provide faster results. However, there will be a problem if the making of an inverted file is related to a large amount of data. This study describes an algorithm called Fast Inversion as the development of base inverted file making method to address the needs related to the amount of data.


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