CBS (Contrastrain Based Schedulling) adalah Faktor Penentu Keberhasilan Perusahanan Printing


  • Hendra Achmadi Bina Nusantara University



CBS, production scheduling techniques, printing company


In a highly competitive industry faces today ranging from small or home-based printing to using machine that can print offset a hundred thousand copies per hour. But, the increasing competition resulted in requiring a faster production time from order entry, print proff until the production process to delivery to customers. Often times in case of orders which will result in the concurrent PPIC will experience vertigo in the setting of production schedules which have concurrent delivery time. Often will end up with no receipt of orders due to difficulties in the production schedule, especially if the orders require the same offset machine and cylinder wear the same length, while the number of cylinders is limited. Therefore, the printing company should be able to do so in the conduct of a penetration timing of production can easily be simulated and implemented on the ground. CBS (Base Constraint scheduling) is a technique to do the scheduling of production so that production can be carried out smoothly and quickly that fulfill the promise made to customers. In scheduling, there are several techniques that can be used are: FCFS (First Came First Serve), EDD (Earliest Date), and LCLS (Last Came Last Serve). So, it is required to be able to do way better scheduling to get results quickly in this fast changing schedules.

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Hendra Achmadi, Bina Nusantara University

Jurusan Sistem Informasi, Fakultas Ilmu Komputer


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