Perbandingan Bubble Sort dengan Insertion Sort pada Bahasa Pemrograman C dan Fortran

Reina Reina, Josef Bernadi Gautama


Sorting is a basic algorithm studied by students of computer science major. Sorting algorithm is the basis of other algorithms such as searching algorithm, pattern matching algorithm. Bubble sort is a popular basic sorting algorithm due to its easiness to be implemented. Besides bubble sort, there is insertion sort. It is less
popular than bubble sort because it has more difficult algorithm. This paper discusses about process time between insertion sort and bubble sort with two kinds of data. First is randomized data, and the second is data of descending list. Comparison of process time has been done in two kinds of programming language that is C programming language and FORTRAN programming language. The result shows that bubble sort needs more time than insertion sort does.


algorithm, sorting, bubble sort, insertion sort, C, FORTRAN

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