Pengembangan Simulasi Kejadian Diskret Berbasis Paket Simmer pada R


  • I G.A. Anom Yudistira Bina Nusantara University



simulation, DES, simmer, R Programming


This study aims to describe the various capabilities of the simmer package on R, especially in running a discrete event simulation model, then develop a DES simulation model building technique, which is effective and can represent real systems well, and explore the simulation output on this simmer, both in statistical summary form and parameter estimation. The method used in this research is the literature study, with descriptive and exploratory approaches. Model development is more effective when it is carried out starting from simple models, to more complex forms step by step, and describing the system using a flow chart. Replication for simulations is easy to perform, so as to get standard error values ​​for model parameter estimators. The stages in developing a discrete event simulation model with a simmer, start with compiling a simple flowchart to a more complex form, and replication is carried out. The simmer output in the form of data.frame makes it very easy to further process the output. The simple R API on simmer will also make it easier to simulate


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Author Biography

I G.A. Anom Yudistira, Bina Nusantara University

Statistics Department, School of Computer Science


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